a lesson to learn

alhamdulillah, here i am, again, posting something. well, basically i want to share something. haha, something that i categorised as something embarrassing, and it actually happened to me earlier this evening.

for the last few days, we had this meeting + discussion (i dont know how to describe), we basically been informed through messages (dunia teknologi la katakan). so today, as what happened, i did get this message, and i was doing my homework that time.the message went like this.

assalamualaikum, ari ni sila ke volley ball court sebelah basketball court. 530 sampai 630. dtg ya ! sorry lambat inform ๐Ÿ™‚ “

after i read the message, it was nearly 6 o’clock that time. so, i quickly pack up and get myself ready for the meession (haha, shortform it) i went there alone and asked so many people where the court was. different people, different answer. aish, dahla KMB ni besaaaar, sesat lak tu aduh, after a few various answers from quite a few people i asked. i finally found both court. so ran and arrived at the couts (it was situated side by side) i went to the volleyball court first, but i was told the game held was for the club members (referring to the volleyball club), so i went to the next court (just beside the VB court) and i was also informed that the game was for their club members. aish, where did this thing being held?? i was so embarrased (sebab kena duduk tengah tengah padang – tercacak macam orang orang kat sawah, sambil everyone else was busy playing) so, i decided to asked senior, there was this one senior looking at me, at that time i recognised her, and i called out her name. then, this senior of mine said ” awak, awak salah orang laa, awak carik siapa sebenarnya?” waaaaaa, how embarrassing !

gratefully, alhamdulillah, there was another senior of mine (kali ni tak silap) she told me to go to the netball court, join the other group. she told me to follow the jogging route, it was the nearest ย route and the shortest way to get there. so, haha, i followed the route, and start jogging. it looked as i was jogging from the very begining when i arrived at the netball court. when ย i arrived at the court, the same thing happened, there were no other group, however there are people playing netball, but it was the club members. urghhhh, what am i supposed to do. oh ALLAH, ease my path now. then, i decided to join this small group playing frisbee ! okay okay, at least i played something. but iwas already 630 that time. aaand, i only played for a few minutes, and we head straight to DS ๐Ÿ™‚ the end

lesson of the day : always be accompanied to where ever you’re heading, as KMB is saaaangat massive. as it can lead you to stress (haha-evil laughing) but remember, ALLAH is always there for you ๐Ÿ™‚

oops, had to stop now, tomorrow got presentation for BMS, pray for me so that i can speak ! really really speak, okay. insyallah



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