im officially a one-month-old KMBIans starting last 22nd of july. i never thought of this quick, it’s already been a month living here, alhamdulillah. well, its kind of interesting studying here in KMB. i never been to any maktab mara, as most say most of the things happen around here are so much in common as what happen back in their maktabs.

one thing, that makes this college so special is how it is different from any other colleges. here, there are sports day-the cheer leading, marching, and rumah sukan. and im officially a Cronus member- rumah HITAM ! here in KMB, all the rumah sukans, are named after famous titans, there are helios, and…..haha, i dont remember ! later on i will tell, sorry. but what i know, there are geen, red, blue, and black (replacing yellow i suppose) it’s kind of weird for a college to have rumah sukans- well, thats what makes KMB so special.

there are much more to share and tell, but later on, i will share what i faced and how things happen around here. but, im posting this blog, actually has nothing to to do with KMB (or there is? i dont know) i missed my family ! haha, not that homesick feeling, but i just missed them. i decided not to go back this week, had lots of things to do here. but then, i missed enab~sob sob.

click for a better view of the models-haha

nab, hawa, dijah, and kayah~


better stop, ill continue later, got to finished some stuffs, malay presentation on Monday, got some business to do tomorrow at ten, got usrah to attend in the morning, got meeting tonight, aaaaaaand homework of course, got to go. insyallah 🙂

p/s : i did my BMS presentation few days ago, i was not that satisfied with my own presentation-urgh, i need to work on speaking in front of public, especially in english ! but, i feel a bit relief because i have passed my first presentation for the past……one year ! wow, it’s been a while, since the last time speaking in the front.what a relief, alhamdulillah~

what a relief

well, thats it for now, may ALLAH bless your day- ameen 🙂


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