PDK semenyih

still on the bus, on our way back to KMB. from??? well, try and guess. you cant, can you. he he 😉 you can just read the title, its already stated.

me and my friends just came back PDK semenyih, for our external CAS. PDK stands for pemulihan dalam komuniti. it is a place for the disabled. parents will send their kids, or even their relatives who either suffer cerebral pulsy, down syndrom, mental disorder and.. i dont know what else. basically its a place for them to learn how to be more independant.it’s not a nursery and not a school, but this is where they were sent to learn stuffs like button up your cloths, tie your shoes, iron your clothes, eat using fork and spoon, and even how to hold your cup when drinking. it may sound simple for people like us. but for them, its like learning higher  level of additional mathematics !

this is when i learned and to be grateful to Allah for the things we have, the advantages we have been given,masha allah wal hamdulillah. there’s nothing more to realize how grateful we people are when seeing them here in the center.

there are people with different range of ages. the youngest was one and a half years, while the eldest was 34 years old !

before we arrived, lots of things played in our mind- how are they going to  respond to us, aren’t they passive, what if they are paralyzed. what if they were the hyperactivee, they cannot do extra aggressive activities-we’ll be in trouble ! then, what will happen to our planned activities? must have back up plans, or plan B might work.

we finally arrived (a bit late as we had to send other students to PDK kajang, and SK dengkil), alhamdulillah- finally, at about 9 15 if not mistaken. the first thing we saw was ‘kids’ in purple were doing some exercise outside, but then before we get down from the bus, and realised, the “kids” in purple earlier was not even kids, only their size was the kids size, however, they have this common face- broad face, and slampy eyes. DOWN SYNDROME- that was the second thing that cross over my head, they are down syndromee. as we walked pass them to get to the centre, this “girl” running and hugged tightly Ika (if not mistaken) and she salam the rest of us and kissed us on our cheek. how touching!


we were given a short brief on the common things we should know about PDK semenyih- it just moved into a permanent place last two years, there were about 50+ students (range of 1 years until 34 years) there are two groups, the first group is on every Monday and Tuesday. while, the second group (which is today’s) is on every Wednesday and Thursday. the centre only open during office hour, but the students came from 8 in the morning and finishes at 12 in the afternoon. most of the kids in todays group is the down syndromee and hyperactive, while yesterdays was the cerebral palsy and paralyzed. there are 8 staffs, all of which are qualified and certified to work there under the ministry authorisation.

since that the were busy organising family day on this Saturday, some of us, volunteered to help them finished up wrapping the hampers for lucky draw. while some of us, played, dancing, and singing with the kids- the kids were good in dancing and singing ! we were told that, yesterday, there was this competition among the PDKs all over selangor, and PDK semenyih has won 2 out of three competitions- singing solo and duet. how amazing !

we start packing up our things, and start our journey at about 12 oclock. and arrived safely-alhamdulillah, at about 1 o clock, after fetch our classmates at PDK kajang. what a day!

** just to say something, on my way back from semenyih, and kajang. we came across …. my school. my alma mate, waaaaah, how i missed maahad so much, my friends, teachers, juniors, seniors…and mak cik mak cik kantin.

oops, better stop now, i’ve tonnes of homework to settle.

how i cant wait for the next trip to PDK semenyih, wait for us ! two weeks to go~

p/s- waiting to get pictures from amy’s. cant wait cant wait. 🙂


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2 Responses to PDK semenyih

  1. littlereddiary says:

    been there too!!amazing people aren’t they??

  2. Assalamualaikum.

    Some information are quite useful though. Can you permit us to cite some of them to be inserted into our CAS Folio?

    Thanks is advance 🙂

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