i am not a traitor!

NO, i did not betray kadet polis, but i had to 😦 there is no kadet polis here in KMB. only JPAM-or also known as KAPA back in maahad, and PBSM. what should i do?

haha, no big deal actually, it has nothing to do with lives. just, i have became a kadet polis since form 1, always joining this and that. representing here and there. meet people from all over the place….maybe i need something new. why dont i try PBSM, khadijah is PBSM. she must be proud if (already become one) her sister(which is me) join PBSM. she will tell her whole school, that her sister is also a PBSMians. how proud am i to have her as a sister 🙂

im trying to post a short post today, as i have a tonnes of homework(still call it homeworks here)and assignments, and lab reportsss, and a test to sit- TWO tests ! urgh, chemistry and BMS on the same day-this monday.

again, i did not return home this week, and also next week, as today we have this so called 4 hour meeting of PBSM-it suppose to be 4 hours, but then it became a 20-minutes talk, how glad was that ! next week? we had this sports day going on next week, starting from 3rd of august until the 8th of august ! it feels like im still in school(you bet) i will represent my rumah sukan in ultimate frisbee~ yeay, pray for cronus. well, like they say “embrace your sportmanship !”

oops, got to go, had to finish my lab reports-two down one more to go 🙂


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