Ahlan ya RAMADAN :)

in less than a week from now, we (the Muslim, of course) are going tocelebrate the glorious month of Ramadan, have we prepared ? to enter the month of ramadan? to gather as many good deeds we can get? all that has been prepared by the almighty, ALLAH AKBAR! maybe some of us has, but what happen to the rest? just refrain ourselve from eating and drinking during daytime? that’s what people nowadays can think of about ramadhan. no! that’s not what ramadhan really means. the word ramadhan itself has such meaning.

Ramadan, comes from an Arabic word, which means intense heat. Ramadan is the ninth month in the Islamic calender. this is the month where all Muslims around the world will refrain themselves from eating, drinking and sexual activities, from dawn until sunset. in other word-fasting 🙂

for this time of year, i wont be at home. not like the past few years. how i missed my family 😦 sabra, this is the part where you are tested, fatimah ! oh Allah, how i wished my ramadhan this year are much better than the past. do make this ramadhan the best ramdhan ever, ameen 🙂

ramadhan mubarak, everyone 🙂


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